Young People and Children First – Sponsored STAY UP

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The staff of J Finance will be staying up from 8pm – 8am on Thursday 8 October, as we raise money for Young People and Children First, a local charity who house 16-25 year old care leavers and homeless… 

You may be aware that we have decided to support Young People and Children First (YPACF) as a charity this year. You can learn more about them here.

YPACF has two houses in Thatcham, which provide support and life skills training to young people who have had no choice but to leave the UK care service due to them reaching the maximum age or have been made homeless through family breakdown due to abuse, neglect and addiction issues, for example.

We’re all fortunate to have, or be part of, a family and the support (and frustrations!) this brings. It’s difficult to imagine the long-term impact on a life as a result of being left to fend for yourself from a young age. Without the support of charities like YPACF, many youngsters find themselves caught up in a spiralling web of violence, abuse and addiction, ending up on the streets or in prison.

We are pleased to announce our first exciting event with YPACF in conjunction with Centrepoint. On Thursday 8 October, we intend taking part in the STAY UP event from 8pm-8am. This is a national event to raise awareness of homeless issues.

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