Tips for first-time movers

J Finance Newbury First-time movers

Planning your move to your very first home of your own? J Finance has some useful tips and tricks to help you make everything go smoothly…

Our Handy Tips for First-time Movers

Buying your first home can be stressful and exciting in equal measure. Making sure you have chosen the right, property, found the best mortgage deal, and then dealing with the actual house buying process can be tough, but it will be worth it in the end!

Once you have reached the exchanging contracts stage, you’ll really need to be getting prepared in earnest for moving day! And there are some things you can do well in advance of this landmark.

Take a look at our handy tips to making that move as smooth as possible:

  1. Get your finances in order.
    You’re going to be paying a mortgage, council tax and other bills, plus you may need money for repairs, upkeep, and making your house your own, so getting your finances in shape before you move makes sense. Now’s the time to make sure you have taken care of any debts and cancelled any out-of-date direct debits for subscriptions.
  2. Allow for removal costs
    Have you found out how much a removal company might cost you? They are not cheap, especially if you have a lot of furniture or are moving some distance away. As a first-time buyer, you might not have too much to move so it might be worth considering hiring a van and enlisting some friends to help out. Buying them a few beers and a takeaway once you’re done will probably be cheaper!
  3. Clear your clutter
    As we mentioned, removal companies don’t come cheap, so it would be silly to pay them to transport stuff you don’t really want. Take the time before you move to clear out the clutter – sell what you can online or at a car boot sale to make a little cash to spend on your new home. Anything you don’t use regularly – such as collections of books or ornaments – can be packed into boxes sooner rather than later, to make packing day easier. As a first-time homeowner, you might find well-meaning friends and family want to donate their unwanted furniture to you. You’ll have to be firm if you don’t want it, or it will be taking up space in your removal van! If it’s something you do want, ask them to keep it until you are in your new home.
  4. Gather together important documents
    Make sure all your important documents, including passport, driving licence, bank statements, cards, insurance documents and so on, are in a safe place, and not packed with everything else. You might want to take photos of them too, in case of disasters! In case of an emergency or queries with the house sale, having all the important documents easily accessible could make all the difference.
  5. Make a to-do list
    There are lots of little admin jobs that need doing – keep a list on your phone. Remember to include things such as reading the meters at a rental property, dropping off keys, redirecting post, setting up broadband and phone and so on. You will also need to make sure you have informed the relevant people about your house move – HR at work, banks, mobile phone companies, insurance, children’s school/nursery, DVLA and so on. If you’re moving into a new area, research where the best takeaways are, so you can put in an order on your first night! You might want to consider getting the locks changed when you move in too and organising security such as a Ring doorbell and burglar alarm.
  6. Label boxes
    Labelling boxes will make it easier for you to direct your removal team. Make sure you also have a box of cleaning supplies to hand, as well as a box of essentials. Everyone’s essentials are different, but you’ll probably want to include a kettle, coffee, tea bags and milk, plus soft drinks and some snacks, maybe cutlery for later that evening. And pack a bottle of bubbles or your favourite tipple so you can toast your new home later too! If you have children, you’ll need to include their food and drinks, plus a few familiar toys, changes of clothes etc. Also make sure you can get your hands on things such as soap, shower gel, toothbrushes and paste, and regular medication.
  7. Make yourself at home
    Many removal companies will set up your beds for you as part of the package – find out if that is the case and, if not, make it a priority upon arrival. Do remember to either take your bedding in the car with you, or have it packed on the van with your bed, so that you can get a good night’s sleep after what will have been an exciting but probably exhausting, if not stressful day!
  8. Celebrate!
    Well done – you made it into your new home! If you’re living alone for the first time, it might be a good idea to have a good friend on standby, in case you want someone to celebrate with, or if you feel a bit lonely or nervous in a new property. Once you’ve got the beds ready, and the essentials in place, crack open the bubbles, order a takeaway and enjoy that feeling of being in a home of your very own!

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