Auto Enrolment

Need advice on auto enrolment or the pension reform?

Auto Enrolment

By 2018, all employers were required by law to have not only offered a workplace pension scheme, but also contracted every qualifying employee in to it. This was called Auto Enrolment, sometimes referred to as the Pension Reform.

The largest of employers started in October 2012 and smaller employers were given a date to start (called a staging date) between then and 2017. Furthermore, even if an employer already had a pension scheme in place, it may not have been suitable for auto enrolment.

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Factors to consider

If you would like to discuss your requirements for auto enrolment as an employer, here are a few factors to consider in advance:

  • What type of pension scheme is to be used?
  • Who is going to provide it?
  • What contributions are going to be made?
  • Which systems are needed to calculate contributions?

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