Meet Rowan Frayling

J Finance Rowan Frayling

During 2018, we will be introducing you to the individual team members of J Finance…

During 2018, we will be interviewing the individual members of our team, and introducing them to you one by one on our blog and in our monthly newsletter. January sees Rowan at the front of the queue!

Q.    What is your role at J Finance Ltd?

A.     I am a Mortgage & Protection Specialist, this means I primarily focus on your mortgage needs, whether it is purchasing somewhere or remortgaging your current property and also drawing up a personalised protection recommendation to ensure that you can stay in your home, should the worst happen to you or your family.

Q.    How long have you worked at J Finance?

A.   I am just coming up for my 2 year anniversary at J Finance, my cotton anniversary apparently! I’ve been in financial services for just under 7 years now having spent time with Nationwide Building Society and now J Finance.

Q.    Why should someone listen to your advice?

A.     Good question! I believe that when a client comes to me for advice, it’s not just because I’m CeMAP [for those that may not know, this is the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice] qualified, as all the high street bank advisers hold the same qualification as I do, but rather it’s because I have a well-rounded knowledge and what you might call a ‘behind the scenes’ understanding of just under 130 banks and building societies which gives me the ability to listen to my client, understand their needs, and give advice that is right for them, and will help them achieve their goals.

In my opinion, too many people rely solely on their current provider for their mortgage needs, or once they have their mortgage, stay with the same provider. Unfortunately, loyalty to one bank doesn’t necessarily make financial sense, and we [J Finance] have the ability to ensure you have the best financial plan that works for you, now and also in the future.

Q.    Where are you planning to go on holiday this year and with whom?

A.     We’re hoping to get away at least twice this year. My partner Lucy and I will try and get a city break away, having been to Barcelona last year, perhaps France this year and we also have a (very) large family holiday in St Davids in Pembrokeshire, Wales which will see around 70 members of Lucy’s family converge on the smallest city in Britain as they do every year, and have done for over 50 years! Although I always feel like I need another holiday after that!

Q.    What is the one thing in your life that you could not do without?

A.     Without getting too philosophical, and slightly sentimental and saying my friends and family…not least because they’re not just ‘one thing’, I’m going to have to say my iPhone. Much to the annoyance of my partner, I am semi-permanently attached to it. Aside from the usual work emails, Facebook, Angry Birds etc, I use my phone for apps that track my mileage (a tip there for anyone else who is self-employed!) ones that analyse my spending, apps that have control over my home’s heating and lighting systems, even one to warm my car up before I get in it in the morning. In reality – I could  live without it, and no doubt increase my interaction with the real world but with reduced convenience!!

Q.    What is your No 1 New Year’s Resolution?

A.   The same as last year, go to the gym and get back into running as that plan slipped somewhat in 2017! We are fortunate enough to live opposite Greenham Common in Newbury which gives us a nice area to go running in, it’s just a case of getting off the sofa and getting out there!