Meet Charlotte Chaplin

J FInance Newbury Charlotte Chaplin

Team Spotlight: Charlotte Chaplin

It’s been a while since we introduced a new member of our team, but we’re delighted to introduce you now to Charlotte Chaplin…

Q: What is your role at J Finance Ltd?

A: My job title is Administrator and I work as an assistant to the Mortgage and Life advisers.

Q: How long have you worked at J Finance?

A: I’ve been here nearly 4 months now, I joined in July 2021.

Q: Describe your typical day?

A: My day always starts with a coffee, the gentle persuasion of two teenage boys to get out of bed for school, followed by a beautiful walk along the canal to work. Once in the office, my first job is to check and respond to any emails from clients and our advisers received overnight. I then work through my to-do list liaising with banks and building societies and supplying the information they require to process our client applications.

Q: What do you like best about your job?

A: I think the best part of my job is working with a fantastic and very experienced team to provide an outstanding service to our clients. It is great to get the opportunity to build relationships and help clients to perhaps buy their first home or dream house.

Q: What makes you happy?

A: This is easy, spending time with my loved ones!

Q: Where was your last holiday?

A: A winter break to Cyprus for a week, very chilled and nice to enjoy the sun instead of rain in November!

Q: What will be your New Year’s Resolution?

A: Ha! I never make them!

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