Jacek Jaguszewski

Jacek Jaguszewski

Mortgage, Protection and Equity Release Specialist

I help people buy mortgages and insurance; giving them as much of my time as they need, asking questions and listening carefully to the answers they provide. We discuss their needs and look at all the available solutions to make sure they get the best possible mortgage or re-mortgage deal for their personal situation. I joined J Finance in 2018.

I am also a qualified Equity Release adviser and happy to discuss this specialised topic of personal finance with anyone considering the growing range of products available.

In terms of insurance, I make sure my clients have the right amount of cover to deal with any difficult situations that could arise if the unexpected happened. They should have sufficient cover for their needs so that they are not under-insured or indeed paying for insurance that they don’t need. In the process, I save them both time and money and give them peace of mind.

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Tel: 07783 136 289
Email: jacek@jfinance.co.uk